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woman sitting on the beach in a chair

The Undeniable Power of Taking a Break

When was the last time you felt like you truly had control over your work day? How often does the goal you set in the morning become derailed by lunchtime? Do you still feel like...  Read more

Published on Thursday, July 23 2020
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Stop Wishing Things Would Go Back to Normal. Wish for This Instead.

It has only been three months since states across the U.S. started enforcing extreme social distancing measures, but somehow, we already feel years removed from the life we once knew. Now, as restaurants, salons, and...  Read more

Published on Wednesday, June 17 2020
woman sitting on mountain looking triumphant

Be. Create. Expand: A Short Guide to Not Wasting Your Life in a Career You Hate

Do you love your job enough to do it for free? Probably not, right? Most people don’t. For most people, a career is a duty or a means to an end. Sure, you might occasionally...  Read more

Published on Friday, May 15 2020
a man video chats with a woman on a computer

The Current Crisis Has a Gift to Offer You. Here’s How to Claim It.

Do you feel like the apocalypse has suddenly descended without warning? You are definitely not alone. As we all greeted 2020 with hopeful hearts, not one of us could have predicted that in a few...  Read more

Published on Friday, March 20 2020
coronavirus under microscope

No One is Asking You to Panic About Coronavirus. They are Asking You to Look Beyond Yourself.

As major events are canceled across the country and our society pushes for social isolation, we begin to hear calls of courage and defiance. “I refuse to live in fear.” “We cannot put our lives...  Read more

Published on Friday, March 13 2020
stop negotiating with youself

Want to Finally Earn What You’re Worth? Stop Negotiating With Yourself.

You know the market value of your service is higher than what you actually make. You have colleagues who perform the exact same work but earn more than you. They’re living the kind of life...  Read more

Published on Friday, February 21 2020